Meet Lou

Lou Delfos is the Executive Chairman and Co Owner of ipac south australia.


The business was originally established by John Burkett in 1978 and I became the principal in 1990.  I was fortunate that John was comfortable to mentor me to become CEO in 1992 and I have been responsible for the strategic direction ever since.  John retired from the business in 2008 when I become Chairman while still retaining a small number of client.

The business created by John had a sole purpose of providing excep[tion Advice and Service to South Australians. In was never intended to be a national practice but a very strong multi disciplined state based practice remaining true to its core values.  These value are still practiced today a copy of which can be viewed in the attached link.

My aim in managing the practice was never to make a lot of money. Quite simply our focused was on having a team of professional Advisers with complimentary intellectual capital that is locally available to assist a clients.  If we combine our intellectual capital and provide good advice, complimented with a dose of common sense, within an strong team driven service culture, success will look after itself.  Accordingly we have grown to one of the largest practices in the AMP network.

As the Financial Planning profession has growth, so has the number of experts spouting about how Financial Planners should run their practice.  The advent of FOFA has seen the number of experts swell to even greater numbers than ever before.   What I find concerning is the lack of hands on practical experience these experts have in running a professional practice.  So inspired by my good friend and colleague Pat Canion (who has actively embraced social media and shown me the value of having a voice) I have started this blog.

The thoughts I express are purely my own. I wish readers to know that our practice is part of the AMP group but my comments do not represent their view of the word.  The views expressed are purely my reflections on what is going on in the Financial Planning profession.

If any of my blogs contain personal advice, then this advice is of a general nature only.  Before acting specifically on it yourself you should consult a Financial Planner who is a member of the Financial Planning Association.  If you do not have one, feel free to view our group website or my company’s page .